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Get to know the Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais method explores new movement patterns and increases the ease and pleasure of moving by expanding

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What is Feldenkrais Method?

It is a learning strategy that works on the body schema (self-image) and progressively reorganises the connections between the brain and the body. 


What can you achieve
with Feldenkrais?

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Awareness Through Movement (ATM) work leads to gain flexibility, coordination, precision and refinement of  movements.

From a psychological
point of view , it improves self-assurance and
reduces anxiety and tension.

How is a Feldenkrais lesson?

ATM classes are sequences of movements that follow a progression but also vary and become more complex as the lesson progresses.

The teacher does not show the movements, nor does he corrects them, but reformulates the instructions so that the student "discovers" the best way to perform the movement. It is this process of searching that leads to improve self awareness, body perception and motor imagery.

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Who can practice Feldenkrais?

People of all ages.

The lessons are adapted to the group, both in terms of a ge and initial movement possibilities. Thus, there can be very calm and leisurely classes, or very athletic and dynamic ones. 

You will need comfortable clothes that allow you to move. Socks and a towel.

Short-group classes.


Your Teacher

PhD Claudia Mauléon Stäheli

Feldenkrais Teacher certified by the Feldenkrais Institute,
accreditation recognised and approved by the
International Accreditation Council of the International
Feldenkrais Federation.
Active member of the Feldenkrais Association Spain.
Doctor in Psychology of Music by the University of Paris Nanterre (France), and  Singing Teacher by La Plata Provincial Conservatory of Music, Argentina.

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Maldonado 54, Valencia (46001) | TEL.+34 644 775 262

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